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Sarah. 22. Grad Student studying Mental Health Counseling. Semi-metropolitan coffee shop intellectual. Dress lover, foodie, cat lady. All around nerd <3

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Name: Sarah

Age: 22 (May 1)

Gender: Female

Food: Oh jeez…Italian, Japanese, Indian…I LOVE FOOD!

Drink: Coffee - I’m a latte/macchiato person. Anything with vanilla or caramel or both

Wine: Red or Rose, but I prefer Red. Apothic Red or Red Velvet by Cupcake are two of my favorites but I am always open to trying new wines

Book: Tie between Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen and Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

Author: Jane Austen…but really I love all the authors of my favorite books…and there are SO MANY

Song: Right now it’s Closer by Tegan & Sara but what I listen to and find inspiring or my “favorite” depends on my mood.

Movies: Pacific Rim, all the Marvel movies pretty much, Pride & Prejudice (2005), Man of Steel, Wreck-It Ralph, Say Anything

T.V. Shows: NCIS, Law & Order: SVU, Sirens, Suits, Mind Games, Royal Pains, Playing House and more… 

Bands: Florence + the Machine, Tegan & Sara, The Weepies, Capital Cities, Of Monsters and Men just to name a few  

Solo Artists: M83, Sam Smith, Neko Case, Bon Iver, and others

Place: Anywhere that is quiet and comfortable. I love…coffeeshops though…and bookstores. Places with little comfortable nooks that you can hide away in and enjoy the quiet buzz around you while lost in a book.

School Subject: English and history

Sport: Ahahahaha, sports…bahahahaha. I admire athletic people and athleticism but I am not athletic.  

Male Actors: Liev Schreiber, Liam Neeson, Robin Williams, Andrew Garfield, Henry Cavill

Female Actresses: Julia Roberts, Meryl Streep, Anne Hathaway, Julianne Moore, Viola Davis, Octavia Spencer, Emma Stone

Best Friend: I have a few ;) <3

Siblings: A younger brother

Dream Job: THERAPIST!!

Political Ideology: Liberal. Feminist.

Religion: Lapsed Catholic, still vaguely Christian. 

Piercings: double piercings in both ears

Languages: English…languages and I are not friends…:-/

Reason behind url: It’s from the poem Invictus…and it spoke to me. 

Reason behind icon: I liked the pic and am too lazy to change it lol

# of posts: 12,185, hahahaha

First url: peacelilies

# of blogs. 1

I’ll tag: vaguelyvictoria mens-frights-activist nimironda ngpeltier larchwood nickyoflaherty 

Tattoos: One on my hip…and I’m hoping to get more…

Selfie: check out my gpoy tag lol 

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Never feel sorry for treating yourself!

This is very true <3 Thanks, bb <3 *HUGS*

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ngpeltier replied to your photo:The back
oooooh so prettehhh :D

awww, than you!! :D

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So…I went in with the thought of a regular haircut…and before I know it…my hair is curled and hair sprayed and…yeah…

I like it but it was WAY more than I wanted. It was kind of too late to stop it before my the time I realized she was curling my hair, it was half way done! XD

She was so excited to take pictures and to tell my friends.

Not sure if I’ll be returning but…it was kind of nice to be pampered on my day off.

Sorry for all the pics lol Thanks, guys!!


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nimirondareplied to your post:

Still a cutie~

So are youuuuu

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